Are There Any Side Effects Associated With CBD?

CBD is the supplement that everyone is talking about. Whenever you turn, you’ve probably heard people debating its potential uses and the latest research.

However, although it’s hit the headlines in recent times, there’s actually a lot of research that’s already been poured into the subject.

CBD and its sister cannabinoid, THC, have been the subject of scrutiny since the 1970s, with the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the body around a decade or so later.

Although there’s still much to learn about CBD and its use, there’s a lot of information already available. This includes the safety of use and whether you’re likely to suffer any side effects when taking CBD.

Proven Safe by Studies

The safety of CBD has been studied extensively in a number of studies from around the world. The overwhelming conclusion is that CBD has a safe profile with no known incidences of overdose or toxicity. These studies have included taking more than 1500mg of CBD (over a bottle) with no toxicity.

The same studies concluded that there are no concerns about either abuse or addiction to CBD.

The World Health Organisation released a paper confirming its opinion on CBD safety which you can read in its entirety here.

Potential for Side Effects

Every time you take a treatment, tablet or pill there’s the potential for side effects.

Take paracetamol for example, one of the most common medicines used by households all over the world. However, if you read through the leaflet inside the box, you’ll see a long list of potential side effects. If you didn’t know that many people take paracetamol safely every day, you’d probably be quite intimidated by what you read!

It’s the same with CBD oil. Any substance can produce side effects, and CBD oil is no exception. However, the vast majority of people either don’t experience any side effects at all or only notice very mild symptoms which wear off quickly with repeated use.

The dose you take can influence the likelihood of side effects very significantly. Starting off low and increasing very slowly minimises the chances of side effects occurring.

What Side Effects Can Occur?

Although CBD is widely considered safe, side effects can occur, particularly when you first start taking it.

If you are already taking medications the potential for side effects and interactions is higher so you should consult your doctor or a pharmacist for advice.

Some of the most common side effects that people report is dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite and dry month. Some users also describe feeling a bit sleepy, which is why it’s frequently taken at night.

Starting at a lower dose and gradually increasing to a therapeutic level will allow your body to adjust and minimise the side effects you experience. If you do notice any side effects, they should wear off very quickly with continued use.

Always Buy From a Reputable Source

Although very minor side effects can occur with even the best quality CBD, the likelihood is higher with products which are inferior.

It’s important to only buy from a trusted source with verified levels of CBD. This ensures the oil does not contain any contaminants which could cause unwanted effects.

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