How Will CBD Oil Make Me Feel?

If you’re thinking about taking CBD oil, one of the most common concerns that people have is “how will it make me feel?”

Deriving from the same plant as marijuana, many people are worried about getting high or experiencing an unpleasant altered state.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

CBD won’t ever get you high when you buy it from a reputable source. It may make you feel a number of different things - here’s a closer look.

CBD is not THC

The first, and most important, thing to understand is that CBD oil does not contain THC. This means you cannot achieve a high from taking CBD.

The cannabis plant contains many cannabinoids which are known to interact with the endocannabinoid system in our body in different ways. CBD is one cannabinoid and THC is another.

THC is the cannabinoid which is responsible for the high that users experience when taking marijuana. By law, CBD oil can only contain trace amounts of THC - less than 0.2% - so you won’t ever feel high or stoned.

Factors to Consider

Although no-one will experience the high that THC delivers, lots of users describe feeling good in a different way after taking CBD.

Much depends on the dose taken, your body’s response and how long you’ve been taking CBD. The method you choose and the brand can also play a part.

If you find CBD isn’t working for you, it’s possible that the dose isn’t right or the brand isn’t offering the quality you need.

So, How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Too much CBD can produce unwanted side effects, but at the right dose users often say that CBD oil gives them a feel-good sensation.

Working naturally with the body, CBD is frequently said to produce something akin to the “runner’s high” - a feeling of peace, wellbeing and elevated mood.

Being relaxed and calm are some of the most common ways people experience the effects of CBD. This is why many users choose to take it at night as it can help you to drift off to sleep.

The effects are typically more pronounced when you first start taking CBD but this doesn’t mean that you need to ramp up the dose to get any benefit. In fact, increasing the dose can sometimes produce unwanted side effects and remove any pleasant feelings if you’re already at the optimum dose for your body.

If you take CBD oil regularly, you may not notice the same startling effect of calmness. However, this is because a sense of relaxation and wellbeing become the new norm. Feeling good all of the time can creep on you without you even noticing!

Evolving Science

At the moment, CBD oil is sold as a supplement only but research is going on which is discovering new and exciting potential links to health benefits all of the time. Therefore when you try CBD oil you may notice benefits which haven’t been described elsewhere.

Starting out slowly reduces the likelihood of any significant side effects, allowing you to find the dose which offers the greatest benefits for you.