What Are the Different Ways CBD Oil Can Be Taken?

CBD oil is a hot topic; everyone is talking about it and the potential uses. In response to this explosion in demand, manufacturers have created a variety of different ways that it can be taken.

This provides users with more choice than ever before, allowing them to choose the type of CBD oil supplement which best suits their needs.

Although it’s a rapidly evolving market with tougher regulation on the horizon, here’s a look at the different ways you can take CBD oil right now.

#1: Liquid form (tinctures)

This is the form that most people are familiar with; when CBD oil is referred to, it’s often the simple liquid they mean.

Technically known as a tincture, the CBD oil is dropped under the tongue and held there for a few moments before swallowing. This ensures maximum absorption and is one of the quickest ways for it to start taking effect.

Tinctures are extremely popular and for good reason. The small dropper bottles are easy to carry around, and as they’re available in different strengths, you can be very specific about the dose you want to take.

#2: Edibles or gummies

According to Google, “CBD gummies” is one of the most commonly searched phrases online. For many people, chewing a sweet or a gummy is less intimidating, especially if you’re trying CBD oil for the first time.

Gummies and other edibles usually take a bit longer to have an effect as they have to navigate the body’s digestive system before reaching their target. However, it’s an easy way to see exactly how much you’re taking with no need to measure out the dose.

CBD gummies, jelly beans and other edibles come in fruity flavours so if you’re not a fan of the traditional hemp taste, this could be a good alternative option. Some companies also add in some extra ingredients, such as turmeric to aid with digestion.

#3: Capsules

Just like other types of supplements such as fish oil, CBD oil can also be taken in capsule form. Typically available as a soft gel, you simply swallow the capsules as you would any other types of tablet.

You can see exactly how much you’re taking each time, but you won’t be able to alter the dose as precisely as you can with a tincture.

#4: Balm or rubs

You don’t need to swallow CBD oil to get the full effect; some users prefer a topical application instead.

This means you can simply rub it on the affected part of your body rather than take it in liquid or other edible form.

Using a CBD rub still allows the active ingredients to interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body, but the results can be different than when taken orally.

#5: Vaping

You can’t vape regular CBD oil; the result could be potentially dangerous and you’d end up with very little CBD In your system. However, it is possible to buy CBD e-liquids specifically created for vaping.

It’s important to check the amount of CBD that your e-liquid contains, and to buy it from a trusted source. Although vaping is an effective way to take CBD, the variable quality of what’s available can be a concern.

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