Why are Some CBD Oils More Expensive Than Others?

The spotlight on CBD and the potential benefits it brings has led to a surge of new companies entering the market. While choice is great for the consumer, not all of the products are in the same price range - and that can be confusing.

Why are some CBD oils more expensive? Surely you’re getting just the same when you buy a cheaper product?

To explain the differences in CBD oil prices and what to look for, here’s our essential guide.

What You’re Paying For

No-one likes to pay more than strictly necessary but chasing a bargain could mean you end up getting a sub-par product.

CBD oil is not a cheap industry to join, so even though there’s lots of interest, the profits can be fairly slim if you do things properly.

When you buy a CBD oil product, you’re contributing to the cost of: 

  • Even before you get started, getting a licence to grow industrial hemp isn’t easy and there are many regulations which must be followed.
  • Organic farming. Ensuring that the hemp plants are grown without contaminants from heavy metals or other chemicals is essential to get a pure product.
  • Harvesting and extraction. The plants must be harvested properly and subjected to the latest technology in order to extract the cannabinoids such as CBD intact.
  • Winterisation and distilling. A complex process must be followed to purity the extract and remove any unwanted components.
  • Lab testing. With the potential to exert a powerful effect on the body, it’s critical that consumers know exactly what’s in each dose, and that they can rely on the information to be accurate.
  • Bottling, packaging and labelling. There are very strict criteria to sell CBD and this includes the way its sold, marketed and branded. Companies must ensure they meet the regulations - which are set to get even tighter from March 2021.

Be Meticulous

As can be seen from the above, there are numerous steps where corners can be cut - at the expense to the consumer.

High-quality CBD oils are a natural product which relies on the exclusion of chemicals, heavy metals and other unwanted compounds. In order to receive the proper effect of CBD, it’s vital that you’re not diluting the potency with unlisted ingredients.

It’s the quality of the other ingredients that matter too. As a consumer, you deserve to know that there are no impure raw materials in your CBD oil and that it’s been properly filtered and processed.

Not only could impure products fail to deliver the benefits you expect, they could react with your body and cause unpleasant side effects too.

Lab testing is another area where some rogue companies have also duped consumers. Spot testing some cheaper products has revealed lower CBD content than claimed, or in some cases no CBD at all!

Only Buy from Trusted Sources

CBD is a premium product and although it may seem a lot of money for a small bottle, you might be surprised at how far it goes.

Here at Green Jungle all of our products are independently lab-tested so you can have complete confidence you are getting exactly what you expect - and nothing more. No chemicals, no heavy metals and no nasties, just full-spectrum CBD from organic hemp plants.

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