About Lftd

Here at Lftd, we’re not just jumping on the bandwagon of CBD and hemp - it means something personal to us, and has done for some time.

We know that lots of companies are offering CBD products but for us it’s something we’re passionate about because of our own experience and history.

About Green Jungle

Why CBD is Personal for Us

Lftd was born after we saw the incredible effects of CBD with our own eyes.

One of the family members of our founders was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and couldn’t find relief for their suffering. Watching someone struggle to move and talk is heartbreaking, and so family members and friends searched tirelessly for something that might help.

CBD was suggested as a possibility and although we were sceptical, we gave it a try. The results were astonishing - and unexpected.

While CBD never claims to be a cure, it offered relief from the unrelenting symptoms. The individual who had been trapped by their Parkinson’s symptoms was able to move around more normally and talk freely.

It was at this point we realised that CBD was something special and had the potential to help millions of people.

We’re Control Freaks

Hands up, we admit it. We’re control freaks when it comes to CBD and hemp. This means we oversee every tiny aspect of the process from the moment the seed is planted, right up to when we deliver it to you.

This means we can guarantee what you’re getting with absolute certainty. It allows us to have confidence that our passion for top-quality CBD delivers to our impossibly high standards.